Friday, January 7, 2011


I am just taking a moment to count my blessings.  In counting them I have found that I serve an awesome God who knows far better what I need than even I do.  I am blessed in having a wonderful God, who created the world and everything in it, I need to stop and enjoy it more often than I do.  I am blessed that God was willing to send His only Son to live on this earth then die a horrible, cruel death so that I can be forgiven of my sins and shortcomings.  I am blessed that I have a wonderful Christian husband that loves me no matter what and does his best each day in encouraging me and helping me get to Heaven.  I am blessed to have four wonderful children that God has given me to raise for His kingdom.  Each of my children are individuals that have different ways of encouraging me in each step of the way.  I am blessed to have wonderful parents that encourage me and let me learn some things the "hard" way and were "strict" even when I didn't understand (I understand more now).  I am blessed with a wonderful sister (who I miss spending time with but we both have married lives and children to love and that's what comes first).  I am blessed with wonderful in-laws whom I am thankful for because they treat me like their own daughter.  I am blessed with a wonderful job with people I love to work with (makes each day that I leave my children with my hubby and mother in law a little easier). I am blessed with a great Christian family (some of whom I've never met in person but hope to some day but know if I don't we'll met the other side of Heaven).  I am blessed with wonderful friends. Some of who know almost as much about me as I know about myself and with whom I share most of the same beliefs, others who well we just have a good time together no matter what and others that are new friends that I am enjoying learning more about.  I am blessed to have a home to live in, clothes, to wear, and food to eat. I am blessed to be a woman because there are so many things that I as a woman will get to experience that a man never will (the first kicks of a baby inside you and breastfeeding while they look at you and smile that most precious smile).  I am blessed to live in America where I am free to write these things and share them and worship the Lord in Heaven without fear of harm.  I am blessed to have my health there are so many I see everyday that have diminished health and take so many medications.  I am blessed to be able to home school my children.  Some days and weeks it's an adventure but not one I'd ever want to give up. I enjoy watching them as they learn new things.  I enjoy knowing that they are learning things that don't give them the chance to question the Bible and it's authenticity. I love watching them grow in the Lord. I am blessed in knowing that God is in control and though sometimes I don't understand at that moment why He answers the way He does that He knows better than me.  I am blessed because I have the avenue of prayer to tell God my wants and needs but know that he already knows my every care.    Wow...the post is longer than I intended but yet I still have so many blessings left to count.  I hope this encourages someone to stop and count their blessing and see what God has done for them. 
In Christ Love,